Reka Cables Ltd

Reka Cables is one of Finland’s largest cable manufacturers with product range from 75 V Instrumentation Cables to 170 kV High Voltage Cables. The brand-names of the products are Reko Standard Cables, Halogen-free Rekoclean Cables, Fire-resistant Flamerex Cables and Dryrex Medium and High Voltage Cables.

The main market area of Reka Cables is Nordic, Baltics and Russia and it has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway,  Denmark, Estonia and Russia. Company has plants in Keuruu, Riihimäki and Hyvinkää. The number of employees is about 250.

During the last years the company has focused on product development and production process of ground cables, fire-resistant cables and cables for windmills.

The greatest strengths of Reka Cables are the ability for close and long-lasting co-operation with customers, strong market knowledge, customer-tailored product development, as well as continous development of production methods.

The objective of Reka Cables is to be the best partner for the customers and to be known for high-quality products, reliable operation, superior service and flexibility.

Reka Cables  is an active participant in “ Wellbeing Through Electricity - Vision 2030 “  project.