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Reka Cables is the largest Finnish-owned cable manufacturer. Reka Cables uses state-of-the-art production methods and technology to make medium and high-voltage cables, data transfer cables, control and instrumentation cables, installation cables and power cables. The main markets of Reka Cables are the Nordics and the Baltics.

Nestor Cables develops, manufactures and sells both optical and copper telecommunication, industrial and special cables as well as fibre optic cable accessories. The product range also includes various instrumentation cables. Nestor Cables' main markets are Europe, Balkans, the USA and the Middle East and East Africa.

Reka Rubber is one of the leading technical rubber product suppliers in the Northern-Europe. The company manufacturers high quality rubber products, that divide into four main product groups; moulded products, rubber-metal products, heavy profiles and shaped hoses. The customer base includes well-known OEM's in the transportation equipment and mechanical engineering industries.

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Green Bond Investor Letter 2021

Reka Industrial's Green Bond Investor Letter regarding the year 2021 has been published

Financial Statement for 2021

Reka Industrial's Financial Statements for 2021 published

Reka Industrial's Financial Statements for 2021 has been published.


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