CEO Jukka Poutanen:

(Published on February 22, 2023 in the Financial Statement Release)

jukka poutanen

In 2022, Reka Industrial Group's net sales of more than 200 million euros will be the largest in the company's history.

Reka Industrial bought Reka Rubber in 2020, when Reka Rubber's turnover was around EUR 20 million. Now the turnover of the rubber industry exceeded 30 million and the market prospects create good conditions for reaching the next turnover category. Both Reka Rubber and Reka Cables made the biggest turnover in their history. The demand situation is good in both industries.

The group's EBITDA of 15 million euros is proof of success in difficult circumstances. Strongly increased procurement prices, global material shortages and logistical challenges have required a lot of effort to ensure deliveries. There is still a clear delay in the transfer of increased costs to customer prices in both industries.

Delivery capacity at our factories in Finland was mostly good throughout the year. Despite overtime and hired labor, the supply capacity of the rubber industry's Polish hose production was challenging for most of the year. The contributions to increase the production capacity and to make the production process more efficient were visible at the end of the year, and the delivery capability was brought to a good level.

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